Development of a Plan of Care

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


I will upload some Information about Keven’s case study and also the plan of care sheet. Please I want a recent references. In order to be able to complete this assignment please follow the marking rubric guide that will be uploaded. 

In this assignment students are required to develop a comprehensive plan of care using the scenario ‘Kevin Johnson’ from Case World, which needs to include rationales and evidence to support care decisions. This assignment is written in an essay format in third person. A marking rubric is provided to assist in guiding the assignment.

This assignment needs to:

Have a structured with an introduction and conclusion.
Have a body of the assignment that incorporates discussion and critical analyses of the care that has been planned to be provided
Discuss the long term and short term goals necessary in the management of this case.
Identify the main inter-professional teams who may be involved in Kevin’s case justifying the choices
Describe in more detail one of the inter-professional teams role in Kevin’s care.
Provide a rationale of why the particular professional team was chosen.
Consider and discuss the ethical, legal and professional issues relevant to Kevin’s case.
Use the appropriate literature, texts and referencing.
Include a reference list on a separate page using the Harvard referencing style and is titled ‘References’.
The care plan developed (during the teaching modules) must be attached as an appendix. The appendix is not included in the word count.