development project critique

Order Description
Assessment 1 is a critique of a scope/ objective, stakeholder capacities, timing, gender, design and other defining issues within development aid funded project.
you are need to choose one failed aid-funded project from the list below and critique the project for such components as,
capability, funding, political/ethical corruption, project management the failed have been supplied initial urls for each failed project, the student will be expected to choose one and research their chosen project to gain further understanding of the overall project.

Project: Roll Back Malaria, across Africa
Donor: Multiple agencies
Cost: Approximately $500 million
The Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) was founded by UNICEF,
WHO, UNDP and the World Bank in 1998 as a global framework to coordinate global action against malaria.
Today, RBM is a global public-private partnership made up of more than 500 organizations across sectors that provides a neutral platform for consensus-building,
developing solutions to challenges in the implementation of malaria control interventions and strategies,
promotes high-level political commitment to keep malaria Sat the top of the global agenda,
and monitors progress towards universal goals.