Deviance. Subculture: Ravers

Deviance. Subculture: Ravers

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APA. Editable Word format.
1. The essay should include a bibliography page and title page and 6 pages of text.(Bibliography page and title page do not count as part of the page requirement).

Double spaced with Standard Margins(1 inch) and fonts Times New Roman, (12 pt). The essay should include information addressing all six of the assigned questions

below, together with a well-argued introduction about your findings.
2. The essay should answer the following questions;
-Explain what makes the group deviant.
-Is the group organized? If so, what does the organizational structure look like?
-Explain how the group differentiates itself using cultural concepts (norms, language, rituals, etc.).
-What do people “get” out of being in the group?
-Is participating in this deviance a choice or is it “forced upon” people?
-Use sociological theories of deviance to explain the actions of the group.Preferably from the source Schwartz, M. D., Taylor, J. D., Thio, A. (2013). Deviant

Behavior. (11th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Publishers.
3. Must also have five sources from academic books or journal articles in APA format.