Direct and digital marketing

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you can write about any current direct or digital marketing issue or challenge.- You may choose your own

theme/topic for your individual paper (and hence your blog posts) but it must be relevant to the subject area

for this module. If you are unsure about the validity of your choice of topic, then you should discuss it with

your tutor first.

– Each post should be based around at least one authoritative source e.g. a peer-reviewed journal article and

may also contain supplementary professional and practice sources such as direct and digital marketing industry

magazines or e-zines or expert blogs (but be careful here – you must be discerning in your choice of

‘experts’). You could also draw on materials published by marketing research / consultancy firms – e.g.

McKinsey / Forrester or reputable digital, direct marketing or media agencies to inform and support your


then 1500 words based on what you wrote in the first 500 words