Does Heath Information Technology Matter?

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The general Instruction for the paper has been provided below. I will upload a file which needs to be used as a blueprint to write this paper. It is the first chapter of the book:
Information System for Healthcare Management by: Gerald L. Glandon. This should be one of the references that you will cite in your paper. You have to choose other 6 references yourself.
The entire paper should be centered around answering the question presented by the topic: Does Health Information Technology Matter?
This paper should not have any direct quotes from any sources and every thing needs to be paraphrased since it will be scanned by a plagiarism software.. Attention!!! No direct quotes. every thing has to be paraphrased.

Please pay close attention to the instruction provided below. The format of the paper and different sections has been indicated and needs to be followed closely.
The purposes of this assignment are to a) help you effectively use research resources through library data bases and search engines to complete course requirements; b) improve your critical thinking skills; and c) develop your effectiveness in writing about topics relevant to course objectives and healthcare information systems. The paper explores, in greater detail than the required readings and class discussion, any healthcare information system topic identified in the course text or syllabus. Your job is to select a current issue in healthcare information systems, provide the necessary background and your position, along with a conclusion and future direction. I encourage you to select a subject in which you have interest and approach this assignment as a potential publishable work.

Review the video on building the Big Picture Model, found in the “Start Here” section of this classroom. Read the syllabus and skim the text to locate a topic you would like to research and write about.

Your final paper is 15 pages double-spaced (excluding the executive summary, footnotes and references) with a 10 or 12 point font. Tables, graphics, and diagrams must be placed in the paper as attachments. They do not count in the page length. There is no set organizational format for the paper but your work should include, at a minimum, the following:

Executive summary (1 page)
Statement and analysis of the issue / case (including your analysis of the sources of the problem, stakeholders, etc…)
Position (a clear statement of what your position on the issue)
Support for your position along with anticipated obstacles, stakeholders, and facilitating factors (designed to persuade the reader to your thesis and drawn from evidence and the literature)

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