Domestic Abuse 2015

COURSE TITLE:    Domestic Abuse 2015


Aimee is 28 years old and lives with Mark.  The couple have been together for seven years. Aimee has not worked outside the house since the birth of her first

child, Samantha, three years ago.  Aimee is now pregnant again.  They live in a 2 bedroomed house.  Aimee takes Samantha to nursery but never stays for a chat with

other people or staff.  Aimee’s mother lives fairly nearby but Aimee is not allowed to see her.

Mark first started being abusive towards Aimee during her first pregnancy.  It started with verbal abuse but after Samantha was born he became violent and hit

Aimee on the face and breasts.  There were several episodes of violence but she felt so ashamed that she hid her injuries and did not see a doctor.  Mark had been very

apologetic and promised it would not happen again and things had been going OK until she found out she was pregnant again.  Last week Mark had got home from work very

tired and had been annoyed that Aimee hadn’t prepared the supper.  He got really angry and punched Aimee in the abdomen and threw her across the kitchen.  She was very

frightened and hasn’t really slept properly since.  She is worrying about the future for herself, Samantha and the baby.

Aimee seems very tired and depressed each time you see her.  Samantha is clingy. You have noticed that Aimee does not come to the nursery events or seem to get

out much, and has missed appointments with you.  Recently you feel she has looked rather unwell although she does seem pleased to see you when you do actually get to

see each other.

Aimee tells you that Mark gets cross when she doesn’t clear up properly.  It’s her fault for being disorganised and untidy.  She tries her best with Samantha

but Samantha cries a lot and this winds Mark up as he needs everything to be quiet.  Aimee tells you she feels so tired and stressed all the time and she is worried

about this pregnancy.  Sometimes she just feels everything is going down hill.

Write a 2,500 word  essay discussing the above scenario exploring what you know about Domestic Violence, how this scenario fits the pattern of an abusive relationship

and what options there are available to victims and perpetrators.


•    A general  overview of Domestic Abuse, including definitions and some of the key characteristics and patterns that occur.

•    An exploration of the theories which might explain why Domestic Violence occurs, such as power, control and gender. You might also want to mention the

historical development of concerns about Domestic Abuse

•    The actual and potential impact of the events in the scenario on Aimee and her child(ren) in particular concentrating on the mental and emotional impact of

abuse on parenting and any safeguarding issues which concern you.

•    Discussion of Mark’s behaviour, patterns and tactics which may often be seen in abusive relationships (both male and female abusers)  and some analysis of risk

Stalking; harassment etc)

•    Discussion of any help which might be available for all parties concerned such as Refuges, IDVA’s etc

•    Information about current legislation such as MARACs , Police Protection orders or anything else you consider relevant to your essay.

You should use the scenario as an illustration in order to guide your argument.  You do not need to refer to it throughout your essay.

Make sure you reference your work with appropriate information, using up to date material as much as possible.