Enterprise Project: Green Apple Shop

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


*Structure of the business plan
an “an attached file in details” :
Section 1 : The Executive Summary (one page)
Section2:Promoters and other information (100 words)
Section 3 : The Proposal (one page)
Section4: Introduction and background information (one pages)
Section 5 : Product and Production (3 pages)
Section 6 : Market and Marketing strategy (Industry background, Market size, Market trends, Products in the market, Market consumer, Market segments, Competition, identify your target market ?,Pricing policy, Marketing plan, What is the projected market share ?,) (3 pages)
Section 7 : Management and Employment (one page)
Section 8 : Strategy for Future Development ( 2pages)
Section 9 : Financing (one page)
Section 10 : Appendices: ( Risk Assessment, Justification for Grant assistance, Organisation Chart, Curicula vitae of promoters,Timetable, Marketing Report, nformation from External Sources eg letters of support, Technical details of the product eg drawings ,specs, Legal agreements, List of machinery to be acquired, Key assumptions underlying the financial projections) 

*Please Use simple language. The person reading the plan may question the ability to sell the product.

*There are four files attached MUST BE followed which are: Our project summary, the business Plan template details, overview, The Instructions