Entrepreneuship, Innovation, Creativity

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TASK 1 Title: Four Literature and Links Reviews Weighting: 20 marks 
Assessment Brief: From the readings, online links and other resources provided select four to research further and review, related to entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. A diversity across articles, book chapters, interviews, web links or videos, as well as discussing the different topics (entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity) is expected. This will allow you to produce a personal form of annotated bibliography, which should be appropriately illustrated and referenced. APA is recommended. Each of the four reviews should have a 400-500 word description, which critically evaluates the potential of the material in the reading, link or resource. This is not a summary! What is critical and interesting in this article? You may also wish to compare and contrast a resource with another similar or related resource, to provide further and fuller contextual information. As designers, the relationship between words and images should be carefully considered, as it has been statistically proven that images can help to make written content more memorable. Images, tables, diagrams and illustrations must be referred to in the text and discussion, as we can see in the example in Figure 1, which is the model by Professor Tina Seelig (uploaded as additional file). Images must also be correctly referenced, and all sources acknowledged. Students may wish to create their own images, and metaphors, symbols, concept maps, models of thinking, schemas, diagrams and other visual forms of communication can be considered. This introductory Task 1 also allows you to consider a fuller definition of the terms entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, which should be described within the four reviews using an appropriately accurate vocabulary. Reviews and descriptions must be in the student’s own words, and where direct quotes are used these must be correctly acknowledged in a consistent format. As noted in this link, penalties for plagiarism are significant, as it is regarded as a serious issue at UNSW: https://student.unsw.edu.au/plagiarism


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