Essay for Curriculum and Program Evaluation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Compare and contrast two different views of curriculum thought and relate them to your own perception of curriculum practice.
Identify the underlying assumptions of these two views and your own assumptions of curriculum practice (i.e. What is considered
important knowledge and why? What are the purposes of curriculum? Why certain subject/ learning areas are chosen?)
Your essay should consider the following:
a. A critical examination of the literature covering both particular conceptions of curricula
b. Examples of where (i.e. which nations) these kinds of curricula are evident and an examination of the similarities and
differences and the possible reasons for them
c. A critical appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses inherent in these curriculum approaches particular focussing on which
students these kinds of curricula serve best and those they serve the least or even disadvantage.
d. Your conclusion on how you would incorporate these ideas, or parts of them, into your own curriculum practice.

the maximum word count is 2200