Example Soils Report

Example Soils Report

Questions 1-11 (5pts ea.) No. 12 (25 pts)
1.    What is the size of the structure?

2.    What is the maximum bearing wall loads?

3.    How many borings were done and where are they located?

4.    What are the first 2 soil types in test hole No.4?

5.    To what depth should topsoil be removed?

6.    Slab areas are to be brought to grade by using what material?

7.    Fill is recommended to be compacted to ________ % of maximum dry density.

8.    How much excavation should be done on all spread footings?

9.    Granular base for footings will be compacted to _____________________________.

10.    How should backfill around sides of footings be compacted and with what material?

11.    At what level is groundwater?

12. Draw soil profile for the 3 borings.  Use grid paper to scale or cad. Assume 50 ft spacing between borings. The horizontal scale and vertical scale may be different.