explore how music researchers actually do the research into ethnomusicology

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The area of research in ethnomusicology is one that has become highly developed in the last 150 years. Your book–and all of the scholarly music history books you will encounter–are researched according to principals and techniques that have been codified by the profession.

In this research paper, explore those research principals and techniques developed by ethnomusicologists to understand music history, music repertoire, and the sociological forces that have shaped music.
If you use an online source, give an author where possible. Make sure your reference is to a specific page, not to a general site like CNN.com

6. If you use Infotrac or some other online journal search tool, do not give the search URL, just cite the author and source as if it were a printed journal.

7. Use at least 3-4 resources for your papers. Use at least 1 non-internet resource.