Exploring the Arts and Crafts

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Explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s association with the Arts & Crafts movement in the Untied States. Then, select two of his designs to discuss. In a 3 page essay, analyze how your architect relates to Arts and Crafts ideals. Use at least two specific examples of their work to support your thesis. The text is to be single spaced, 12 point font (Helvetica or Arial).
In order to write your paper you will need to answer the following:
1: What were the ‘Arts and Crafts ideals’?
2: In what way was our designer unique within the larger Arts and Crafts movement?
3: What design choices were made that reflect the Arts and Crafts ideals
Examples of early Frank Lloyd Wright houses include the E.H. Cheney house in Oak Park (1904), the W.A. Glasner house in Glencoe, Illinois (1905), and the Avery Coonley house in Riverside, Illinois (1908). The houses developed to a more and more refined system of zoned interiors in which the dining, living, and socializing spaces would freely flow into each other.