Export Management

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Task Brief 1 – Coursework


Module Title:
Export Management
Assessment Title: Export Development Plan – Key Categories


Task Details:


In assignment two you are required to produce an exporting strategy for a specified product and target market. In assignment one you are required to demonstrate your knowledge of the information and data that is required in such a document. You should consult relevant sources of information to produce an explanation of:


1 What is meant by the ‘business and market environment’ of a target market? What kind of information would an exporter need to collect to understand this?


2 What is meant by the concepts ‘market segmentation’ and distribution channels’? What kind of information would an exporter need to collect to understand these?


3 What are the financial issues, export practicalities and technicalities that an exporter would need to know about to in the context of developing an export strategy?


Frequently asked questions:


1 So this is an assignment that helps prepare the ground for assignment two? Yes, in assignment two you will be allocated a specific product and target market, and will be asked to produce a customized export strategy/development plan for these. In assignment one you are asked to demonstrate that you know the topics, themes and issues covered and incorporated in an export strategy.


2 Where do I get this kind of information? You should consult the reading list for the module and the suggested web-sites as a starting point. These resources will allow you to form an understanding of what is included in an export strategy/development plan.


3 How should I structure my paper? You should use headings and sub-headings to structure your discussion and information; write it as you would normally write your papers.