Family Law

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


To be supported by alot of law cases, articles, critical arguments, laws in the UK and masters level standard. 

: 25 articles minimum and cases, U.K laws etc

Referencing: Footnotes / Oxford style

Choose 1 out of the 2 questions

1.) ‘There are at least three ways in which a person may be or become a natural parent of a child… Of course, in the great majority of cases, the natural mother combines all three. She is the genetic, gestational and psychological parent. Her contribution to the welfare of the child is unique. The natural father combines genetic and psychological parenthood. His contribution is also unique…But there are also parents who are neither genetic nor gestational, but who have become the psychological parents of the child and thus have an important contribution to make to their welfare’ Baroness Hale of Richmond. In re (Children) (Residence: Same-sex Partner) [2006] UKHL 43 [33] – [37].

Critical discuss the way in which the courts balance the interests of birth mothers, birth mothers’ same-sex partners, and biological fathers in relation to same-sex parenting following assisted reproduction, (in terms of both the courts’ reasoning and the orders they make). (4000 words)


2.) ‘Same Sex Marriage is now permitted in the UK. However given the provision in the Marriage (Same-sx Couples) Act 2013 on ‘religious protection’ and the ‘sex’ based differences in treatment between same sex and different sex married couples, and the rights already given to civil partners, a same sex marriage is, in reality, just a civil partnership with a different name.’ 
Discuss. (4000 words)