FCC action analysis

FCC action analysis

Order Description

After you read the three FCC actions. You will be expected analyze these actions. And write your opinion about:

1. Make policy judgments:
2. Evaluate FCC actions and Examine FCC policy decision-making in this reading based on these forces:
• How it affect public interest and the societal environment.
• How it affect existing and potential market forces, incumbent firms and new entrants.
• How it affect existing and potential future technology

To help the writer:
– The class topic is Universal Service in the age of Broadband.
– These FCC action, in particular talk about both Connect America Fund and high-cost Universal Service support.
– The biggest question that should be answer through the analysis of FCC actions is how to get better broadband Internet to all American “Universal Service” by Connect America Fund.

• Here some question you might answer them under (Make policy judgments, or examine FCC policy decision-making sections)? You can ignore them if would

Did the FCC’s broadband requirement exceed its authority under section 254 of telecommunication Act? and why?

Did the FCC act arbitrarily in simultaneously imposing the broadband requirement and reducing USF support? and why?

– You need to express your opinions through the evaluation of the FCC documents. Please be carful some student I know in class use the same website for this class too.
– You MAY NOT use first-person language (I, me, my, we, our, etc.)
– Do not use contractions.
– Use easy academy language as possible.
– The key information needed to analyze the FCC action will be provided in the FCC documents.
– the last FCC actions I attached was released at july 2014, you do not need to include any thing happened after that date, in the evaluation.
– Please title each section.
– No need for any out-side sources.
– Some of the documents are quite long, but the order (the action) is concluded long before the last page of the document.
– The point of the paper is to help me with class discussion.
– These papers must be typed double-spaced,
– Using a 12-point font with 1-inch margins
– Follow the APA style format.
– The paper should be no longer than FIVE pages. (4-5) Pages should be perfect.