Film Review: Lincoln (Version 2012)

This film review: Lincoln (Version 2012).

History course for Civil War and Reconstruction.


The instructions below must be followed and all of this must be included in the paper. Below is what the instructor wants included in the paper.
There are no cites or sources that need to be included in the paper. This is just a film review based from the Movie Lincoln (2012 version)

1. Heading: Title of film, Major stars, Director, Studio releasing and the date released. Type of film: drama, comedy, musical, adventure, etc.

2. Historic accuracy. Since the films offered for review are all based on some historic period or event, you should evaluate how accurate to the facts is the plot, keeping in mind the need to telescope time to fit the length of the film. In other words, what may have taken two or ten years to occur in reality, may seem to occur on the film in a matter of days. Older films often used devices to explain the passage of time: for instance, the flipping of calendar pages. Do the events in the plot coincide with the history as you know it?

3. Source: Note if the film was written for the screen (or TV) or whether it is based on a book or novel. (Novels are fictional).

4. Plot: Does the story tend to distort the facts to further the story? For instance, is romance introduced to make the film more marketable.

5. Direction: Who was the director and how do you think he/she was instrumental in forming the film. Is it biased and what way?

6. Cinematography and Editing: What can you say about how the camera is used – in long shots, close ups, or panning? Do the scenes flow without confusing the viewer, or do they jump from one scene to another without explanation or continuity? Is the scenery important?

7. Music and Lighting: How influential is the music in determining your mood as the plot unfolds? How is the use of dark or light affect the mood? Was the film shot in color?

8.Character and Acting: Were the actors chosen to play the major parts well cast? Are they believable when they speak? Who are the main characters and how do they advance the plot?
Setting: Comment on the impact of the landscape.

9. Technology: Was there a use of technology (Other than the camera and sound) and if so how did it affect the film?

10.Overall assessment: Did the film help you to understand the period/topic presented? Was the presentation biased in any way? (Some characters are clearly the “bad guys” and others the “good guys.) Did it help you to understand the time period, event or person because of seeing it visually?