FNDN301 – Advanced Academic Skills in Critical Contexts

Assessment Information, instructions, questions, etc

Assignment 4

Long Essay

Due Date:  Sunday 31 May

Weight:       30%

Length:       1500


Research and apply a theory of justice to an aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that you have researched in this unit. Choose from the following three (3) theories of justice:

Retributive justice

Restorative justice

Distributive justice

You should provide some reference to and analysis of at least two scholarly journals articles, and at least eight sources in total in your essay.


This is an ambitious question and, given this, I have provided detailed help that can be found in the Long Essay Materials section under Assessment Details. Additional resources will be added to this resource as the unit progresses.

Remember, you don’t need to refer to these materials for your answer, nor are you confined to using the resources provided in any one suggested approach. If you are concerned about your approach, please feel free to email me to discuss your plans and I will happily provide feedback. Again, I should reemphasise that I am not expecting you to become overnight experts in international relations and conflict resolution. My aim is to get you to look at a complex situation and to see how a more theoretical academic approach might be applied to it. This is what university learning, as a community of scholars, is all about. I will be looking for the way you frame your argument (not biting off more than you can chew for instance) the way you present the argument (justifications for the claims you make for example) and the way you use the literature you have researched.

Marking Criteria

I have purposefully used the below criteria as it is a generic one that will reflect how many of your assignments would be assessed across the University. Bear in mind that you should consider how you have applied the key elements of the question relates to it. Primarily you need to clearly identify your thesis (standpoint) in the introduction, then construct a well structured essay that includes the reasons why you hold such a thesis. In this context the required skill is to form a well structured argument applying theory to at least one aspect of the real life situation. Please also pay attention the presentation, word limits, referencing and non-discriminatory language guidelines discussed below.

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