Frederick Reichheld – the loyalty effect (1990s)

Frederick Reichheld – the loyalty effect (1990s)

Project description
Each Paper will have AT MINUMUM the following sections (thats sections, not pages and please do NOT exceed five (5) narrative pages. (Cover page, 4 to 5 narrative body pages and work cited page):

Cover Page


Theorists Idea

Current Perspective

Overview Career Goals

Your Conclusion

Works Cited Page with your : Statement of Originality and Editing

Information Sources

You should have a minimum Six (6) different quality sources.

And use no more than one textbook, no more than one Wikipedia type article and at least one scholarly journal article. Recommendation: Each section should introduce a new source.

Technical and Format

Please use the numbering scheme used in the topic minimum description. This should help you make sure you include all the necessary areas. How long each area is will depend on who you have selected. You will need to exercise some judgment here.

Recommended font and size: Times New Roman 12 pt

Citation Style: APA or MLA

Source recording: Work Cited and Bibliography

Suggested length: 6 – 10 pages including cover sheet and source recording

Margins: 1 ” on all sides

Line Spacing: double

Graphical Headings: yes ( aka bolded section titles and /or numbers)

Graphs and Charts: yes, if appropriate

Follow the numeric format for the paper as outlined above. i.e. Use multi-level graphical headings following numerical convention (i.e. Part One, Section 1, Section 1.1 Section 1.2 and so on)

Cover Page- should have your name, topic, course and section, date

Introduction this should include your theorist and your career goals. A very very short historical perspective on business Theorists ideas

Your selected Theorists Idea

The idea (theory)

The existing ideas or sparks that lead to the ideas.

The theorists peers analysis (at the time). What did the theorists colleagues say about the ideas (pros & cons)

Current Perspective on your Theorists ideas

Who has built upon them?

Are they still relevant?

Overview of your Career Goals (Briefly describe your career goals)

Your Conclusion (How will what you have learned researching this theorists and their ideas help you in achieving your career goal?)

Work Cited Identify whether you are using APA or MLA in the Work Cited Page Heading and please make sure ALL of the information you referenced, quoted, summarized, paraphrased and so on are given parenthetical [inline] citations and have the full citation under the work cited heading.

Statement of originality and editing Paragraph testifying that this Management Paper is original content except as cited in your document. Include the name of at least one person who edited your paper (report) for punctuation, grammar and spelling.