Geography 3090- Society and Space- Neighbourhood Report

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Dear writer, you need to write a Neighbourhood Report on a suburb called “CASTLECRAG”. Castlecrag is a surburb in Sydney, New South Wales(Australia). You need to do research and collect data from data sources that i have provided in the file. I have attached all the information needed for the essay in the files


Assessment Task 1a: Neighbourhood Report,


Suburb :Castlecrag( a surburb in Sydney, New South Wales)

Country : Australia

Writer need to write on surburb called “Castlecrag”


Question: “How do the available neighbourhood resources enable or constrain the lives of children up to the age of 18 and their parents (or carers) living in the suburb you have been allocated?”

Read Hay I, (2012) Communicating in Geography and the Environmental Sciences chapter on report writing BEFORE commencing the writing of your report.