Global Financial Investment

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Assignment Instruction week 8:


You need to do TWO separate things for this assignment.


  1. Provide solutions to the Gibson case.


  1. Answer the problems.


This week we are studying a joint venture in Brazil, dealing with the coffee industry. As you probably know, Brazil is a leading coffee producer.


In order to help guide you through this week’s assignment, see the Wilson Company file posted in the Week 8 Content area.


Answer the questions at the end of the Global Investment case.In order to help guide you through this assignment, see the Wilson Company example in the attached file. Answers should show all calculations and be thoroughly discussed.  Submit the analysis and discussion for Global Investment in one single Excel file.


Click below for the Global Investment Case–Gibson.




The second part of this week’s assignment requires you to solve the problems in the PROBLEM SET (See file attached).


Please include your answers to the problem set in the same file as your answers to the Global Investment Case – Gibson.



A quick reminder:


o Analyses and conclusion are only as good as the data and assumptions that they are based on


o If your analysis contains data and/or assumptions unsupported by reasoning and explanations plus sources of the related data, a reader has no basis to accept your presentation as valid


o Without proper support the reader is likely to disregard your analysis and/or conclusions, and may even begin to have some doubts about you


o So ALWAYS  support all of your numbers or calculations with reasoning, explanations and sources for all of your data.