Globalization diversity

Globalization diversity

You have been asked by the CEO of a large retailer in a western country to prepare a report in response to shareholders’ wishes to see the company expanding into large

emerging markets. In the light of the experience of global retailers you have studied, what external factors will the company need to assess in order to maximize the

chances of success, and minimize the risks.

A simplified report structure is recommended so that attention can be focused on the content. The suggested format is:

•    Title page
•    Abstract or Summary
•    Introduction ie objectives of report/background to the subject
•    Discussion of question set ie analysis and interpretation of key issues
•    Conclusions and recommendations
•    References

Evaluate means: Question the multiple aspects of a perspective, statement or argument.
•    Determine the impact or importance of something.
•    Weigh up the evidence, accept nothing at face value,
•    Reach a considered judgement

This Couse is about Globalization diversity.

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