Gobalization Affects

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Write an essay on the following research topic: 

Since the 1980s, globalization has taken the world by storm: analyze how globalization affects the idea that education might be a requirement for technological advances to lead us to growth without raising the natural rate of unemployment in the long-run. In your opinion, does globalization improved the job prospects of the US educated workforce or does it threaten them?

Articulate your typed essay into 3 clearly separate sections:

• an introduction of the topic and its context,
• a development of the topic (body),
• a conclusion that recaps your main points along with introducing either your solutions to the problem on hand or a view into other avenues to research further such a topic.

The minimum length should be 2 pages, which is in addition to the cover, abstract, and the references pages. Follow the APA style of writing. Keeping in mind that this is a college level type of required effort, please make sure to write full sentences with a subject, a verb, and an extension to the phrase (direct object, etc…). One of your sources must be by reference below and it must be evident that you use it to support your thesis (i.e., do not simply put the text book in your bibliography without actual citation).


Longenecker, J.; Petty, J.; Palich, L.; Hoy, F. Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures, 16th Edition, Cengage.