Group sense making

Group sense making

Order Description

Please watch this video first

Then after that you need to complete 4 phases which are:

– Phase 1: After having watch the video by Alan Watts, contribute in this space the FEELINGS that you felt watching the video.

Note: we don’t need your opinions, just your FEELINGS.

– Phase 2: In this area, after having read around 20 of your classmates contributions to phase 1, COMPARE and CONTRAST your feelings with those of your classmates.

In a seperate paragraph, tell us WHAT IT MEANS to you.

– Phase 3: Show the Alan Watts video to someone else not in DYCEP, and ask them what they think it means.

Does their reply VALIDATE your thinking, or perhaps change your thinking?

-Phase 4: Having completed the first 3 phases, now just state if you notice any change in your thinking from before having watched the Alan Watts video till now.