Hand Hygiene: How do we overcome barriers to 100% compliance?

Order Description
-Structure: (Text: Arial size 11) (Title, Introduction, Headings for main sections, and Conclusion)
-References (preferably research articles)

-What is hand hygiene?
-Guidelines of hand hygiene in Irish healthcare settings? Statistics?
-(max 4 graphs or tables – NOT copied from 3rd party sources, but made using microsoft office or similar)
-Different types/names of Hand hygiene products (alcohol/antibacterial rubs, antiseptic hand wash soaps)?
-The different types of microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.) targeted and how they are each targeted by different hand hygiene products?
-Hand washing, antiseptic scrub vs. alcohol hand rubs? water and waterless? sanitization vs. antiseptic?
-Importance of hand hygiene in healthcare settings. Reducing transmission of infections and diseases? post operative complications?
-Hand hygiene outside healthcare settings? community? home?
-Barriers impeding hand hygiene compliance? obstacles in implementing hand hygiene inside and outside healthcare settings? (touching patients, cellphones, medical charts, etc..)
-How to overcome barriers and move towards 100% compliance?

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