Hardware Systems & Design lab9

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pages Simulate your system 1-introduction 2-methodologe 3-results 4-discussion 5-conclliusion and the lab repot should not across 5 pages Simulate your system using model sim. Lab Report Write-up Guidelines 1) Introduction • What is being attempted/investigated/studied? • What are the aims? • What is the point of setting out to do this? 2) Methodology • What equipment/materials/resources were used? • What was the strategy/plan of action? • What was actually done? • Include schematics/drawings/diagrams/photos etc. as appropriate 3) Results • How did it turn out? • Include properly labelled graphs/tables/figures/photos etc. (as appropriate) to illustrate the results. 4) Discussion • Comment on the results—are they reasonable/as expected? • Anything that didn’t go as planned? Any surprises? 5) Conclusion • A short section, possibly even just a single paragraph, to summarise the findings and their significance. N.B.: i) Include a title page for each lab. ii) Write in the 3 rd person (for example, ‘The wire was connected’ rather than ‘I connected the wire’). iii) Every figure (schematic, graph, photo etc.) and table should be numbered and labelled. It should also be referred to somewhere in the main body of the report. Don’t assume figures are self- explanatory—make it clear why it is being included and what it is meant to show. iv) Don’t scatter bits and pieces of information all over the place. Keep it relevant to the section that it is in. v) Be concise. Lab reports for this course should be at most 6 pages long (including the title page), and your grade will be reduced if the report exceeds this limit