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Directions: Please answer the following questions:

You’re a leader in your company or organization (based on your concentration area). You need to make a decision on whether your company or organization shall start a new initiative. To make an informed decision, you plan to do some research.

1. Suppose that you have a list of 2700 employees in your company or organization, please describe in detail how you would use the systematic sampling method to select 30 participants for your study.

2. There are fewer male employees in your company. If you want to be sure these male employees are equally represented in your study, what sampling procedure should you use? Please describe in detail what you would do.

3. Suppose that you selected 30 employees (participants) for your study, you gave them a survey on their attitude towards the possible new initiative. What are some possible threats to the internal validity of this design?

4. The survey results indicated that your employees have mixed attitudes towards the new initiative. To be on the safe side, you would like to run a pilot study to examine the impact of the new initiative on employees’ productivity. Please describe in detail how you could use a true experimental design to address this research question.

5. Which statistical procedure would you use to analyze the quantitative data you collected from your pilot study (with a true experimental design) to address your research question?