Health Promotion

Health Promotion 1

Project description
A 650 words essay which considers the development of health promotion(how it developed and progressed over time) and its impact on a specific group in society(evaluation)
-Describe key aspects of the health promotion(healthy eating): when it started, who runs it; how it runs; who it is aimed at; how does it reach its target audience; its aims/targets
-identify at least one health promotion model that is used in your chosen health promotion(i.e. the approaches of Ewles, 2003 & simnett and Tannahill & Downie, 1990
-Evaluate the impact of your chosen health promotion on individuals. This is a major part of your essay, in here you are expected to include statistics and evidence from research, to demonstrate whether your chosen health campaign has made impart or not, and to what extent. Did it work? Did it not work? which aspects worked, which aspects did not work? and why (All needs to be based on evidence!!! you should be objective not subjective!

The essay should follow essay format: Introduction, fully formed paragraphs following the TEEL format, have conclusion, citations required throughout and citations should be in the format(Catchpole, 2001) please, Include reference list at the end not less than 8 references.