How Nature Was Reflected in Gaudi's and Kengo Kuma's Projects

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



  1. Final Submission Format: request two A4 (this is a guide and welcome to explore other sizes to visually emphasise your discourse) copies of the typed and (spiral – optional) bound thesis with the title, you full name and your supervisor’s name on it. It should include referenced illustrations. One can be colour, the other black and white to save you some money.
  2. Contents: You need to include a contents page and make sure that your pages are numbered.3. Introduction: introduce your topic first, why you chose it, how you researched it and which questions interest you most.
  3. Referencing: You have to reference all your sources (electronic and analogue) within the text of the thesis, after each direct quote, as well as after paraphrased sections. Reference using the Harvard system (author’s name, followed by year of publication + page number). More information on this referencing system can be found under Library documents on Moodle. Inconsistent referencing and plagiarism is not acceptable and will be investigated, and could result in your thesis not passing. If you are unsure of these terms discuss them in your tutorial.
  4. Bibliography: list all publications in alphabetic order based on the author’s surname, followed by the year of publication, the title, the place of publication, publisher (eg. Leick, Gwendolyn (ed.) 2007 The Babylonian World (New York and London: Routledge).

Electronically sourced articles: eg:  Nathalie Trouveroy ‘Landscape of the Soul: Ethics and Spirituality in Chinese Painting’India International Centre Quarterly , Vol. 30, No. 1 (SUMMER 2003), pp. 5-19 Published by: India International Centre Article Stable URL:; (accessed 07/11/2013)

  1. Illustrations should have captions / references
  2. Hand-in at the contact desk before 12.00 on March 10th 2014.
  3. Make sure you spell-check and grammar-check the whole document before printing