How to tell a true war story

Eng 101 midterm questions

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Please answer the following questions. Sorry about that I don’t have the original article of “Pain” by Geoffrey Canada. please help me to find it out and answer the question #8. Thanks!
1.In Tim O’Brien’ s, “How to tell a true war story,” what are some qualities of a true war story?
2. In “Shooting an elephant,” What statement is the author, making about imperialism?
3. In “Just walk on by,” What were some of the examples the author gives to explain the racism/stereotypes he encounters throughout his life?
4. Why is the narrative, “38 who saw murder and didn’t call the police,” an account of “old news,” still significant today? (The murder made headlines in 1964). What is the underlying message behind this event?
5. In the essay, “Beauty and the beast of advertising,” what are some of the effects of this wonderful thing we call “electricity”?
6. According to the author of “Hello, Darkness,” what are some of the effects of this wonderful thing we call “electricity”?
7. In the essay, “The true about beauty,” the author points out that Dove’s recent beauty campaign of “beauty is a media creation” is untruthful and deceiving. Why does she say this campaign is so misleading?
8. In the essay, “Pain” what, according to the writer, are the consequences of painful experiences (physical or emotional) that are suffered in youth (particularly for young boys)?