Hunger Games

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Critically discuss the film, how it connects to the anthropological principles, as well as how popular film presentations compare to the ethnographic films.
The point of this assignment:
Too often, students may bring a “seeing is believing” attitude to popular cultural/historically based films, forgetting how editing and subject selection influence the perspective of the people and history involved. Many films of this type are so far off the mark that the film contributes to an alternate popular view of a culture which is inaccurate. Your scholarly sources will help you differentiate between what is “real” anthropologically and what is being portrayed with artistic license. The “training” you have received in this course as it pertains to viewing films will help you to be more visually literate in other domains as well. Because of this course you will be able to view “Hollywood Style” feature films with a critical eye. Several students have remarked that “regular” movies have more value to them after learning to “read” ethnographic films.
The style that needs to be used AAA.