Important IS/IT Trends for Organizations; Managing Privacy and Security in Organizations; Big Data Management; Leveraging Social Media for Business

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Part A
A short paragraph about yourself

Write a few lines about yourself, including your gender (male/female){ I am a male} and age, {34} your background and any relevant work experience {been in the sales profession for 9 years, some export management roles}, your interests and hobbies, and so forth. This will provide a context to your responses.

In compiling the Student Learning Journal (SLJ) you should reflect on the following questions/issues:

Important IS/IT Trends for Organizations:

1 As a manager, which business and IT trends are most important to you? Explain your selection.

2 Select two countries or geographic regions projected to experience IT changes. Contrast and compare the operating (eg, business, IT, demographics, legal systems, political state) conditions and reasons for the projected changes.

Managing Privacy and Security in Organizations:

1 What are the benefits of using applications like Secret, Whisper and Yik Yak? What problems and difficulties might arise as a consequence of widespread use of the applications? Explain your answers.

2 In relation to ‘5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss in Mobile Environments’, rank the five strategies from most important (1) to least important (5). Why did you rank them this way? Explain your selection and answers.

Part B
In compiling the SLJ you should reflect on the following questions/issues:

Big Data Management:

1 As a C-Suite officer in a large company (A$250 million plus in annual revenues), what are your key investment priorities for big data systems in your organization? Explain your answer.

2 How will the type of data impact organizational investment decisions out to 2020? What tools will prove useful? What key business outcomes can be achieved through the analyses? Explain your answer.

Leveraging Social Media for Business:

1 As a manager, how would you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other SM tools to improve business performance? What new initiatives would you implement? Explain your answer.

2 Consider the following organizations: (1) Westpac Bank; (2) Coca Cola Amatil; (3) Domino’s Pizza; (4) JB HiFi; (5) AV Jennings; and (6) Tabcorp Holdings. Which of the four SM strategies would best suit each of these organizations? Explain your selection for each organization.