Improving Construction Information Managment through Techonlogy Tools Integration

Improving Construction Information Managment through Techonlogy Tools Integration

Project description
There is a cultural shift towards the use of technology in the construction industry. Using the old fashioned way of handling documents and communications is not sufficient enough to meet the needs nowadays. The Project team spent a good amount of their time going through printed document and communicating with each other on the X building Project. If the technology tools available in the industry can be implemented on this project, it can increase the efficiency of the project team and the workforce.

It has been noticed that an increasing percentage of the industry is utilizing technology tools on their projects. Technology can save much of the time wasted on finding or sharing between the project participants. There is a good chance for integrating more technology into the X building project due to the use some of The BIM (Building information Modeling) uses already implemented into the project. For instance, tablets could be used on construction sites as a tool for easy access to the project documents.

The solution and research of this analysis consists of different components that will help solve the presented issues. The first task is to create a system for managing and sharing information between the different project teams. Then technology tools such as tablets will be integrated into the construction site so the workforce can view what construction activities are needed to be performed on each day, instead of having to check the project schedule on printed documents that may be lost. Additionally these tablets can be used to provide the workers with the right amount of information they need to know instead of confusing them with too much information. The main goal is to increase the efficiency of the construction process of the X building currently being constructed.

This research analysis WILL INCLUDE ALL THE BELOW:

A detailed research of the technology tools such as (NOT LIMITED TO) tablets, google glass etc in the construction industry.
Review previous projects cast studies, videos that have utilized this solution of using technology tools and determine how it helped their construction project.
Determine specifically in what part of the construction project these tools can enhance.
Determine the feasibility and cost in dollars of implementing this solution into the X building project. This needs to be in extreme detail. Determine how much each technology tool cost and determine their battery life, there hours of functioning without before the need of charging. If the need of extreme training prior to using them. If they do establish where the construction workers can train to use these technology tools.
Estimating the total cost if implementing these different technology tools into the building project.
INCLUDE photos of each technology tool and include photos where necessary

The expected outcome of this analysis id a document covering the use of technology in the construction industry and the qualitative impact on this specific project. If the advantages of applying this solution outweighs the disadvantages, it will be recommended. It is believed that the use of technology tools can enhance information management of the X building project.

THIS SHOULD BE IN EXTREME DETAIL AND CONSISTENT. Use single space with Times New Roman 12 size font.

Follow the attached document as an example. DO NOT COPY IT. Should be around the same format but with more detail. DO NOT COPY!!

This analysis Focuses ONLY on BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. NOT railroads, bridges, etc. ONLY BUILDINGS.

When writing this analysis refer to the building being constructed as the X building. The number of sources selected do not have to be 15 could be less or more depending on the information found.