Indigenous Health and Wellbeing.

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Analysis of How’s Your Sugar?

“How’s your sugar” is a web paged based on narrative health, rather than the typical bio-medical ideas of health. Understanding narrative health, and how people tell their ‘medical stories’ is important for health professionals. This alternative was of allowing people to express and understand their own “health story” is often more efficient, educational and informative.

This assignment is about us as health professionals being able to listen to other medical stories, and how to connect with people in non-traditional/Westernised medical models

Assessment Criteria:

1. Give a BRIEF summary for 2 locations (no more than 100 words) for the fridge, medicine cupboard, kitchen table, outside etc. – Making connections to what ‘medical information is given”, and how ‘peer-to diabetic peer’ models of sharing that information happens.
2. A 500 word explanation of why the design of the webpage uses digital narrative and comparison of the similarities and differences to a diabetes web page designed for mainstream vs Indigenous Australians – with 2 citations from readings/other sources.
3. Provide an example of another website that uses a narrative health model. (Citation of website to be in APA referencing style)
4. A conclusion based on your investigation to reflect your professional response.

*Does this format work as a primary source of education and health promotion?

*If so why? If not why?

( the above website is what you have to use to write the essay for the topic).

Include all four questions in an essay format.