Individual Theatre Report

Individual Theatre Report

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What is theatre? What can- should it be ?

Think about the above question. This report shout contain your own thoughts and some research on an important or current theatre company (The company is named Forced


Your report should contain and will be evaluated on the following components and criteria:

Part 1: Personal statement (800-1000 words)
explain what role theatre has in your life and speaks about your personal aesthetics on theatre.
1) Taking into account your experiences in the theatre, what does theatre mean to you.
2) How has your understanding or appreciation of the art form changed over time.
2) Describe the most impactful aesthetic experience you have had with theatre.

Part 2: Research (at least three double spaced pages)
Research the aesthetics and process of an important or current theatre company (Forced entertainment). How did they create theatre? What was most important

aesthetically for them? Your research should include:
1) If a company, name the artistic director/directors
2) What personal aesthetics did they bring to the company? What was their background, and how didi it influence their aesthetics.
3) What was their goal for theatre? What was theatre to them?
4) How did they go about creating a piece of work? What was their creative process?
5) How was their work received? Did it create a lasting impression on the art for, or if they’re currently producing theatre, haas their style changed over time?

Part 3: Description of your ideal model theatre company (800-1000 words)

Knowing what you do about how plays get produced and the different ways that work is created and performed, describe how you would create your own model theatre

company. Question to consider:
1) Would your company be formed similarly to the one you researched?
2) What role would you like to play?
3) How would you go about creating a piece of work? What aesthetic or artistic elements would you use?
4) What goals would you have for your work?
5) What goals would you have for your company?
6) What effect would you want to have on your audience?
you should include a mission statement for your company. Remember to address the components of at least one performer and at least one audience member in a common


Outline what your first production would be, and where it would be( in a theatre, “found” space, outdoors, etc.) Provide as many details as you can and explain how the

different aspects connect to your mission statement.

Part 4: Annotated Bibliography
Include at the end of the report a comprehensive annotated bibliography that shares with us the story of your research. It should contain 3-5 sources at minimum.
1)What is the premise or main idea of this resource
2) How this resource was valuable to you in writing this report.