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– Infographic – Part 1 – 30% of Unit Grade
Due: 11:55pm Thursday 12th March 2015 (Week 4)
As outlined in the Unit Outline and in Assignment Details area on the Moodle site, it is expected that you will produce an Infographic* throughout the semester that you will add to for each assignment. Each assignment will add a section to your Infographic.
Some resources for understanding and building infographics will be provided on Moodle under Assignment Resources. However, it is expected that you will teach yourself how to use the software during tutorials and home time. Tutors may assist with basics, but learn to work collegially with other students, use the resources provided by the application and use other Internet based resources.
The Infographic is more about the content than the technology or the graphic design.
You are expected to provide excellent quality content and use the experience of
building an infographic to help you understand the requirements of what resources you may need to compile for a creative team in the future. For example, the statistics, text and graphics (branded and non-branded). If you discover along the way that you have a talent for graphic design that’s an added bonus, but please do not become anxious if you are not graphically inclined. No additional marks are awarded for graphic ability. It is more important that you learn and understand the process of compiling relevant material and writing appropriate text. However, this should not stop you from displaying your infographic in an attractive way as you can add your infographic to your Mahara portolio to show to prospective employers, volunteer agencies and internship organisations.

For assignment 1 your infographic should contain:
1. A personal ‘organisation’ logo and a statement of how it best represents you.
2. An image of yourself. This can be a natural photo or an enhanced one using filters with your camera or in post-production. The choice is yours as long as the overall infographic works well together. Remember you are creating a professional document and all that it entails. (Tip: Have a look at how your role models portray themselves and use that as a guide. You could also include a statement in the next section about why you chose the postproduction method used to enhance your photo.)
3. Who your public relations (PR) role models are and why. One must be
historical and another contemporary. You will need to research the role
models yourself. Some will be provided during lectures and under the
Assignment resources area on Moodle, but there is not a definitive list. (Tip:
You may include images of your role models).
4. Why you want to be a PR professional or learn about PR.
It is expected that students will draw on the lecture material, tutorial exercises and readings from the first four weeks of semester for this assignment. Neher’s reading on Infographics will be especially useful as will the readings from the main texts.
Word count: 300 words (excluding references)
References: APA conventions with a reference list in a block at the bottom of your
infographic. You can add to this throughout the semester.
Images: specific ones listed plus any you think necessary for building your
ssessment Criteria:
Learning outcome 1 & 2: 35%
Learning outcome 3: 35%
Clear, accurate and analytical writing: 30%