Internal/External Conflicts of the Jazz Age

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Choose one of the poems in T.S Elliiots, “The Waste Land” part 1-5. Then, interpret a pattern of doubling with a difference, aka mimetic rivalry, aka double entendre, that occurs within the text. Use evidence from the text to support an argument organized by a thesis. There are many doubles to choose from in the text. Your argument should be original in focus and supported with details, examples, and explanations derived from your active, interpretive reading. 

Things to avoid: DO NOT CONSULT OUTSIDE SOURCES. Stay away from obvious or factual or obvious assertions, since they cannot or need not be argued (because facts are facts and the obvious is already known). Avoid summer of the text; use quotation, paraphrase, or description of the plot/action only to support your ideas/arguments. 

Length/Format: 4 pages (plus a works sited page) double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, MLA Format