International Management Behaviour


This assessment task will synthesise your understanding of cultural systems and concepts with your theoretical and practical knowledge of international management behaviour. The focus of this activity is to determine how the practice of management behaviour must be redesigned in multinational contexts to ensure cultural appropriateness and effectiveness.  In order to build up a specific understanding of cross-cultural management and behavioural practices, it will involve the collection and review of publicly available data about other countries.  This is a multi-stand knowledge gathering research that focuses on critical strategic issues in international management behaviour.

To complete this task, you must prepare a report on
• The cross cultural communication challenges that an expatriate manager should expect to encounter in Asian countries.
• Different culturally responsive strategies adopted by the expatriate manager for cross-cultural negotiations in Asian countries, AND
• Cross-cultural leadership model; which should be sufficiently flexible, so that it could be customized to a number of Asian countries.


In completing this assessment, you will develop and demonstrate your ability to

  • identify the managerial implications of cross cultural assumptions for the performance of a specific aspect of the management behaviour function;
  • determine how the performance of that functional element of the behaviour must be modified to accommodate such assumptions, norms and characteristics;
  • build up a specific understanding of cross-cultural management and behavioural practices.
  • gather multi-strand knowledge by conducting both academic research and reviewing publicly available data; and
  • assess your understanding of cultural systems and concepts;
  • improve your ability to argue and support your opinions, and
  • bring a broader depth of knowledge and expertise to your studies.

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