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Control and coordination of the operations

15 marks    •    Definition and discussion of the approaches that are chosen by the organization to achieve integration

•    Insight into how the organization applies control and coordination of the operations.

•    Specific examples from the literature identifying areas of best practice that are employed that allow the parent organization to manage remote facilities

Management of the global supply chain

15 marks    •    Identification of how the organization operates an extended global supply chain.

•    Discussion of the specifics of the supply chain and how the organization deals with raw material, component and sub-assemblies that are required for the final assembly.

•    Discussion of the supply chain issues of products that are manufactured in remote facilities for sale in global markets.

•    A critical evaluation of the issues that are put in place to ensure continuity of supply.

The use of outsourcing, joint ventures or FDI within the operations

15 marks    •    An exploration of the differences between international outsourcing, joint ventures and vertical FDI and highlight the reasons for adopting these approaches in international operations.

•    Identify the amount of the manufacture the organizations products that are either outsourced or part of a joint venture.

•    Provide a critical appraisal of the checks and balances that need to be undertaken by the organization to ensure that the contract is delivered to a satisfactory level by the contractor of JV operator.

The corporate responsibility of the organization

15 marks    •    Discussion of the issues that are associated with having operations that are hosted in international locations and especially emerging economies

•    Research and evaluation of the CSR statements of organization and an appraisal of how they are viewed as a socially responsible organization.

•    Specific examples from the literature identifying areas of best practice and areas of concern that are associated with the parent organization and the contracrtors.

The sustainability of the international operations of the organization

30 marks    •    Research and critically appraise the sustainability of the organization’s operations and products.

•    Identify the lengths that the organization has gone to ensure that their operations have a minimal impact upon the environment.

•    Identify how the organization looks to ensure maximum recyclability of the products and the process bi-products.

•    Identification of built in obsolescence of the products and how this is being addressed by the organization.

Written communication
10 marks    •    Correctly referenced to Harvard standard.

•    Submission presented clearly with logical arguments.

•    Effective and accurate use of language and grammar.

•    Attention to detail (proof reading/checking).

•    Attention to word limit.
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Question and Requirement:read carefully
To assess the Learning Outcomes the assignment asks you to;

1)    Hewlett-Packard are seen as an organization that undertakes most of its operations across national borders. Using the published sources such as journal articles, text books, newspaper entries and the internet, appraise the following aspects of the operations of the business;

The coordination and control of international elements of the operation
The supply chain
The use of outsourcing or FDI (or both)
The Corporate responsibility of the organization (60%)

2)     Critically appraise the sustainability of the approach to the operations that are taken by Hewlett-Packard (30%)

A further 10% of the marks will be awarded for presentation ie. Clarity of expression, ise of logical arguments and grammar, syntax, spelling as well as appropriate structuring of the the assignment and Harvard referencing.

Length: 4000 words:
All submissions will be submitted to Turnitin for originality checking and as such you should familiarise yourselves with the University policy on academic integrity.