International Organisation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


For this work an international organisation have to be chosen, for example EU, NATO, WTO, OSCE or any other organisation that you are familuar with. A detailed brief of the work is attached with all the instructions and requriments. Please do not take the work if you are not going to do an analyses and make just a descriptive work. And please let me know which organisation you have chosen. If you have any questions please contact me.

Individual Coursework Brief – 100%

The coursework assignment for this module is an individual assignment worth 100% of the total module marks. Explanatory context: Assignment allows you to self-select ONE International Organisation for detailed study.

Assignment task: Analysis of an International Organisation


An individual business report that carries out a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of an International Organisation, and the need for such an organisation to respond flexibly to the rapidly changing requirement of our age. You report must identity the type of international organisation for your purpose and context. The assignment provides for students an opportunity to show and apply their theoretical knowledge. Students are expected to develop academically-grounded arguments to the questions that results in a report.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Evaluate with evidencethe increased relevance of international organisations and the key challenges faced by these organisations.
  2. Identify and critically evaluate withevidence key issues/themesdriving the international organisation over the past five years. Use relevant theory, literature and empirical evidence to support your discussion. Note that it is not enough to repeat what the international organisations have said in their white papers and annual reports, you must look for evidence.
  3. Evaluate with evidencethe effectiveness of managing the operations of the international organisation over the past five years. Evaluate their management approach using relevant concepts.
  4. Critically evaluate the impact and possible improvement to the role, function and organisation of this international organisation.


There is a word limit of 14 pages(MAX) for the report. THERE IS NO 10% MARGIN

An electronic copy will be uploaded to Turnitin.