Internet Browser Market

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Faculty of Business, Environment and Society

Assignment Title: Internet Browser Market

This assignment requires you to write a 1000 word original project

The project aims to apply economic theory to the world of business. Answer the following questions:


You are required to analyse the internet browser market and should answer the questions below.
1. Outline the change in market shares by the major internet browser in either the UK or the European Union (EU) over the last 5 to10 years. Analyse the structure of the UK or EU browser market. To do this, you should;
• identify the main companies involved and their market shares.
• explain what type of market structure exists, with supporting evidence.
• explain, using economic diagrams, how price, output and abnormal profits are determined by a typical firm (ie: one browser company) which is operating in the market. (Note that your market will be imperfect competition, not perfect competition. Thus, you cannot use supply and demand diagrams in this question).

2. What are ‘barriers to entry’, and which ones do you think are significant in this case? Explain your answer referring to your answer in question 2.

Kindly use the below references

Sloman J & Jones E, ‘Essential Economics for Business’, (formally Economics and the Business Environment)

Begg D & Ward D, ‘Economics for Business’

Ferguson K, ‘Essentials of Economics’

Cole R, ‘Tips on How to Compare Market Structures’, Economics Today, January 2014 (this can be found in the 2nd floor office in the library)
Useful electronic references ( the European Union website, look for the Competition Directorate)
Financial Times (find via JOURNALS on the library web)
Economist (find via JOURNALS on the library web)
Wall Street Journal
Sloman News Site, particularly the following, which include further references:
‘Microsoft breaks promise to European Commission’, 2013

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