Interventions of Human Services Professionals

Interventions of Human Services Professionals

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Response Paper 6

Questions:  As a human services worker in a community based clinic, you have been asked to create a therapy group for the teens in the community who have an incarcerated parent.

1.    Identify and discuss some of the roles within the “teens with an incarcerated parent” therapy group.

2.    Identify your role as the group leader of the “teen…” therapy group.

3.    How do these roles effect the group dynamics?

This question is designed to allow you to introduce the concept of minimising risk and/or transferring risk to a third party. In addition bring together the work you have done during the session to a conclusion. You will be required to undertake a reflection of the subject that includes commentary on your risk preference and the development of skills in risk analysis and risk management over the session.

All questions are expected to evidence the sourcing of relevant reference material, critically analysing the key concepts of the reference and then applying the material to the tasks listed below. It requires the use of appropriate references to support your work. The use of references that provide generic information without any critical analysis will be viewed unfavourably. The task on your selected problem should also assess the risk implications of your decision.