John Bogle (2009) author of the book “Enough” (Chapter 3) argues financial firms employ a “reverse Occam’s razor”. What does the author mean and what might this mean to a CFO of a multi-national company?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Book: Bogle, John. 2009. Enough. New York: Wiley. Uploaded is part (70%) of chapter 3.

Write a critical opinion essay summarizing and backing up your three main points based on the what does the author means by “reverse Occam’s razor” and what might this mean to a CFO of a multi-national company. The material used in this critical opinion essay can come from any financial academia books or published articles by any of the major financial/economic publications. Essays cannot be based on Wikipedia and investopedia reference material!!!

Be sure to include quotes / citations from the book or financial academia books or published articles. 

The essay format should have three items: an introduction, main body (three main points) and conclusion.
1) Introduction (Thesis) – The author’s primary assertions (argument). To have a general idea of what is meant by “reverse Occam’s razor”. 
2) Introduction/Body – Offer a critical opinion of what Bogle  means by “reverse Occam’s razor”. Support with examples with the book or articles (citations), knowledge of critical theory, or other facts having researched. 
3) Conclusion – Conclude with some statements about your personal judgment regarding “reverse Occam’s razor” and its meaning if you where a CFO of a multi-national company. 
– Guidelines: The Essay should contain a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, meaning, and significance of what is meant by “reverse Occam’s razor”.

The finish paper should meet the following criteria: 
Clarity (easy for reader to follow and the major points are easily identified); 
Relevance (writer sticks to the question and focuses on the question); 
Organization (each part of the answer helps the total answer); 
Depth (the writer knows various things about the question).