Kidzania In Qatar

Kidzania In Qatar

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The goal of this paper is to discuss why Kidzania should expand to Qatar

Answer each of the following questions in approximately 275 words:

Task 1) Research which countries offer the most opportunities. Take note if the product or service is currently being offered within the country, as well as the level

of demand, major competitors, available distribution channels, exportation, and additional costs of business.

Task 2) Analyze the competitors already in the market. This includes determining their pricing strategies, marketing strategies, return policies, and shipping


Task 3) Determine the impact of the country’s customs, values, and traditions. Find out if alterations must be made to the product, packaging, or advertisements so

your business efforts will be effective with the country’s residents.

Task 4) Develop a strategic plan to enter the international market. Take the information found about the competition and the country’s residents to develop a strategic

market-entrance plan.

Use however many resources you like