Knowledge of Mathematical Content Audit

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Task 1. Knowledge of Mathematical Content (KMC) Audit One of the key professional Standards for Graduating Teachers (see is: Teachers know the con-tent they teach.

The purpose of this audit is to identify any areas where you feel some further work is needed to demonstrate that you know the mathematical content you are expected to be able to teach as a graduating primary school teacher.

Download and complete as instructed the Knowledge of Mathematical Content Audit .

The completed Audit , along with a half-page analysis of your own learning needs in mathematics, and a half-page account of your tuition of another student to address their learning needs.

Money and financial matters :

Investigate and calculate percentage discounts of 10%,25% and 50% on sale items ,with and without digital technologies.

Rubric for AT1            TCHE2279 and TCHE2280                 2015


Completion of Audit:                                                                                Complete/Incomplete


(300words) the analysis and insight of your description of your own learning needs:



(500 words) Your account of teaching another student

  1. The appropriateness and effectiveness of your teaching techniques:



  1. Your understanding of the relevant mathematics you taught: