Low Impact Manufacturing- The Circular Economy

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you will asked to do 3 essays (report form) for the same topic, no more than 3000 words each essay. so 9000 in total.
we need to get over than 70%

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Tasks to be undertaken:
You are the sustainability manager for a manufacturer of electrically powered garden tools (hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, wood chippers, lawn mowers, etc.) for home and small business users. At present, your material and energy flows are entirely linear (no reuse or recycling). Your CEO has seen a presentation on ‘The Circular Economy’ and has asked you to investigate the extent to which this concept could be applied to the company and its products. You are primarily responsible for the sustainability of the manufacturing activities of the company, but your role also involves you in the planning of future products and the business model of the organisation, since all these also affect industrial sustainability.
1. Describethemanufacturingprocessesusedforthethreemaintypesof component in your products, which are:
• Structural parts (handle, body, housings, etc.)
• Electrical parts (motors, switches, wires, circuit boards) and • Functional parts (blades, fans, etc.)
Note: Some of the components are manufactured by your suppliers and simply assembled in your factory. This includes most of the electrical parts.
2. Describeafuturesustainableindustrialsystemintermsofthestagesinthe lifecycle of a typical product after the company’s material and energy flows have been made as ‘circular’ as possible.
3. Foreachofthetypesofcomponentabove,describetheshorttermandlonger term steps that the company should take to get to the sustainable system you described above. Where possible, illustrate your arguments from case studies in the literature and indicate briefly any relevant policy implications.
Deliverables to be submitted for assessment:
Your report should be no more than 3000 words. Use appendices to include additional charts, illustrations and data as necessary. Appendices should be no longer than 5 pages in total. The document should be produced in the style of a technical report (formal, factual and to the point). You should use a font of size no less than 10 points.