Management Capstone

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The implementation of a goal/strategy follows an estimated timeline. Even though it is an estimate, it is important to be as realistically accurate as possible. Instead of providing activity estimates as a discrete number, such as four weeks, it’s often helpful to create a three-point estimate with an optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimate. For example developing a training program for a new piece of software much use three weeks for the optimistic, four weeks for the most likely, and five weeks for the pessimistic estimate. The ultimate goal is to create a realistic project schedule that provides a basis for monitoring project progress. 

Some important tools and techniques that allow for visual display of project timelines include Gantt charts, critical path analysis, critical chain scheduling, and PERT analysis.

With this in mind, develop a schedule to implement your Strategic Management Plan using some of the tools mentioned above. There is no rule against combining techniques. In fact, pulling the best from each may be advantageous. Additional research may be required depending on your familiarity of scheduling and timeline tools. Include a realistic three-point estimate. Use at least one visual means of displaying the timeline.