Managing Customer Relations

Ques 1
Conduct an environmental scan of the business environment in which your organisation operates – 16
For the past year I have started my own businees in property management which involves development
of properties which will then be put up for sale including the leasing of a substancial amount of
properties. The company’s main aim is to focus on leasing its properties including the leasing of
properties belonging to third parties after an agreement has been signed.
As advised by the lecturer the environmental scan is referring to the PESTLE Analysis which will help to
guide strategic decision making – external.
PESTLE – A tool for auditing an organisation’s environmental influences
Political – stable government, changes in government policies which may influence my business. Here I
may mention that since the main aim is leasing if the bank decide to put up their interest rates for any
loans this may make it difficult for individuals to obtain a loan from the bank and therefore may revert
to leasing rather then purchasing. It can work both ways cause in this case there will be a higher demand
which may lead to higher rental prices which will in turn benefit the company.
On the other hand, if the bank come up with better interest rates includes beneficial loans for first time
buyers then people would revert to purchasing propety rather then leasing since the money spent for
leasing would not be worth their while as they could spend the same amount on a home loan. Both
cases may be beneficial to my company since it also involves the selling of property.
Economical – interest, inflation rates which I have mentioned above.
Social – trends to demographic such as the population size, age, ethnic cultural trends, people’s
attitudes. When leasing out properties the trend would be to reach out those foreigners who are
currently working here and most cases it is the younger generation who may choose to share an
apartment for instance between friends. The older generation would normally be local or those people
who wish to come retire here and hence would turn to purchasing property rather then leasing. It is
important as a company to see what the trend is at that particular moment in time and see whether it is
more advantageous for the company to develop and sell rather then focus on leasing only.
Technological – changes in the rate of new product development, advancement and service industry
delivery. As time goes by the world is changing and technology is on the increase so this may be
referring to sticking to the latest it development and use the latest and efficient program to run the
company ( Is this what this is referring to?)
Legal – various legislation and amendments including issues of employment. I am currently self
employes so is this referring to taxes or any entitlements to the government as a small company. Since
at this stage this is a one man company in the near future I plan of employing people to help run the
business and deal with any booking related to leasing.
Environmental – natural disasters, weather patterns. In this case if God forbid a natural disaster may
take place then unfortunately the business will be effected and any businees for that matter. It is very
unlikely that a natural disaster may occur in this country but always important to avoid these risk by
insuring the business so that if anything had to happen the business may kick up once again. People may
tend to hire more prestigious properties such as villas with pools therefore once the company starts
doing well it may invest in these type of properties for both selling and leasing.
As advised by the lecturer to take note of the following:
• See how the PESTLE analysis is effecting my organisation, how the business environment effects
the type of service my company is offering not just what it does.
• As mentioned earlier use the PESTLE analysis to guide a strategic decision which in my case a
strategy would be something to improve the company so ideas I may come up which will affect
the business in a good way. Ex: if there is a high demand for sea front apartments try developing
a good site on the sea front in particular areas which attract more tourists and hence leasing will
be less of a problem rather then trying to lease out a property in one of the village cores where
people don’t tend to lease. In certain localities and sea front apartments for instance there is a
higher demand hence one may be ready to pay much more since there is a minority.
• Ability to find new customers
• Retain the existing customers which will give us a good word of mouth
• How they can help us to attract potential customers
• Tools we are using to CRM, IT, social media to keep the customers
• To carry out the environmental scan and how I am going to reach my plan and reach out to
• The analysis needs to help management in developing :
• Micro environment equivalent to internal environment area where I have control over
• Meso environment – where the organisation has some control eg: customers, suppliers and
• Macro environment – where the organisation does not have control and companies join
together through associations where the can influence the government such as MHRA policies.
All the above were good points which the lecturer had mentioned and can be used so tried to put
them in bullet form.
Question 2
Analyse factors that impact upon the organisation’s ability to find new customers and retain
existing customers – 20 marks