Managing the Organisation

Hi there,

This assignment is in a course called “ Managing the organisation”. It consists of two parts, the first part is called “ Essay Plan” and the second part is called

Essay”. I have a copy of my friend work for both “Essay Plan” and “ The Essay itself. I need you to paraphrase them. So I need you to try to use other references, but the same idea except this reference which I have to use which is “Locke, E. (1982) The Ideas of Frederick W. Taylor: An Evaluation, Academy of Management Review, 7(1), pp.14-24” (I have attached you a copy of this reference). Also I have attached you another reference, which I would like you to use it too, the title for it is (Turing men into machines). I have to use at least 4 references and the one used in the plan should be used in the essay. I have already gave you 2. The Word limit for the plan is 500 words. The word limit for the essay is 1000. I have attached you a copy of the course outline (please go to page no 8,9, and 10) for more information about it. I have also attached you the paln template which you should use the same format.


Attachments are as following:

  1. Course outline.
  2. My friend “Essay Plan”
  3. My friend “ Essay”.
  4. Reference no 1.
  5. Reference no 2.
  6. Plan template.