Marketing Communication in a Digital Word

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Assignment structures:-
1- Interdiction:- 3 to 4 line only paragraph.

The following is required to be using tables only all information to be supported by references.
2- Situation analysis for your XX company or relevant you are familiar with using 
• Market analyses
• Internal analyses
• Competitor analyses at least 3 completer to be review 
3- Objectives “SMART”.
4- Strategy
• A SOFF Matrix.
• Segmentation targeting and position STP
• Branding
5- Action Implementations.
• Web site review using 7Cs and 5ss.
• Social Media.
• Screen shot
Compering them
Your story, Ideas,
• IMC: integrated marketing communications.
• Monitoring + control
• Timeline + Budgeting.
Review/meeting/ follow-up on target KPIs and contingency plan.
Proposal site map and screen shot for the propose web or Facebook page which could be used for advertising and communication with targeting group of consumer. 
You must conclude recommendation digital marketing communication also 2 to 4 line paragraph.
The minimum words is 4000 ±10%.

Please refer to the attachment assignment question and requirement to cover.