Marketing Communications Strategy

Marketing Communications  Strategy

Assignment: Marketing Communications Strategy.

You are required to write an academic paper concerning key aspects of marketing communications strategy. This paper will inform the reader of key topics, concepts, theories, models, strengths, and limitations relating the scope and content of marketing communications strategy. The paper needs to address five key areas:

•    Provide a reflection concerning how you have improved this submission. Include direction for the reader in terms of page numbers and content to highlight significant changes

•    Advise what a contextual analysis would need to undertake for an organisation of your choice using appropriate concepts, methods and tools (do not actually carry out a contextual analysis – discuss the topic).

•    Discuss the marketing communications strategy process and stages that could be helpful for use in an organisation of your choice (Again, discuss)

•    Construct a marketing communications strategy for an organisations of your choice (this should not exceed 3 sides of A4 and should be placed in the appendices. This appendices will be marked)

•    Discuss how the effectiveness of marketing communications strategy can be measured. Very brief examples should be provided to illuminate your interpretation of the theory.

Additional Requirements:

•    Your discussion should attempt to address the assignment criteria as detailed over-leaf

•    Your work should be dominated by narratives relating to marketing communications strategy theory. Too many organisational examples will detract from the purpose of the assignment.

•    You work should demonstrate wide and varied citation support

•    All sources used must be accurately referenced using the Harvard method.

•    Your work must be well written and presented to a professional standard
using an academic paper format

•    Your work must be submitted as single A4 sheets stapled in the top left hand corner.